Welcome to The Third Gen Pokéblog!

Hello dear readers!

This day marks the creation of our new blog, which is, as you have probably already understood, about Pokémon! But not Pokémon in general, but those that have appeared up to the Third Generation. In other words, the first 386 Pokémon of the Pokédex.

Now you may wonder why we chose to create a blog specifically for the Third Generation. Nowadays there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs and other web-pages full of articles, guides, videos and other things related to the newest Generation of Pokémon (the fifth). Since many people always preferred the Johto, Kanto and Hoenn regions, along with their Pokémon, we decided to create a blog specifically for them.

As far as the content of our Blog is concerned, we are going to post articles, guides, videos, secrets and other stuff regarding the Pokémon and the gameplay of the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green games (Third Generation).

Finally, we would like to answer the question that most of you have already asked yourselves: “What makes this Blog different?”
What makes us different, apart from the fact that we focus solely in the Third Generation of Pokémon, is that we are going to write articles about all of the five above mentioned games, with no specific order, which are going to teach you things that you didn’t know, answer many of your questions and solve even more of your problems. And if you believe that you can just find these by browsing Google, then remember that here you will have the chance to find them gathered all together and in greater detail.

So, if you are interested in continuing reading our blog, then we suggest that you become members and follow us on a daily basis. Also, soon we will have our own Youtube Channel, so you will be able to become friends with us and subscribe! Keep in mind that we would love to hear your comments and ideas, so feel free to post your comments under any article.

Thank you for reading and get ready for our first Article, coming tomorrow!

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