Pokemon of the Week: Umbreon

The “Pokémon of the Week” is one of our blog’s segments. Every week, on Fridays, we are going to choose a Pokémon and present it to you, as far as its characteristics, moveset, and other details are concerned. This week’s Pokémon is going to be Umbreon!

Umbreon is one of the “Eeveelutions” (Pokémon whose prior evolution is Eevee). It is a Dark-Type Pokémon, which makes it immune to Psychic-Type moves. Thanks to its ability – Synchronize – whenever Umbreon gets a status problem, the Pokémon which caused it gets the same status problem as well. This means that if, for instance, a Pikachu uses Thunder Wave against Umbreon and paralyzes it, that Pikachu gets paralyzed as well.

Umbreon can’t be found in the wild in any Third Generation game. You can only obtain an Umbreon by evolving an Eevee, at night, while it has reached (almost) max happiness/friendship*. Yes, that’s right, at night. This means that Eevee can only evolve into Umbreon in the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games, since Fire Red and Leaf Green do not have a clock or other time modifiers.

*NOTE: If you are new to the game and have absolutely no idea about Friendship/Happiness, then you can read this article, at Bulbapedia.

Umbreon is one of the Pokémon that should not be used offensively. Thanks to its high Defense and Special Defense stats, Umbreon can be considered as one of the best Pokémon Walls in the Third Generation, being able to withstand lots of attacks by opposing Pokémon, while causing them damage or being beneficial for the rest of your team. If you are wondering how can Umbreon help your other Pokémon, or how can it damage the opponent if it’s not using offensive moves, then just keep reading!

Umbreon can harm the opponent lethally by using the move Mean Look, followed by the deadly move Toxic. Toxic poisons the opponent’s Pokémon more and more as the turns go by, and Mean Look makes sure that you opponent won’t switch. And if you are wondering how to keep Umbreon alive during this procedure, remember that, thanks to its high Defense and Special Defense stats, it is not damaged a lot by most moves, especially if they’re not Super Effective. But even if it gets really hurt, then you can use the moves Moonlight or Wish to restore its HP!

But as we’ve mentioned above too, Umbreon can work as a helper for your rest team members. By using the move Batton Pass, you can switch it to another Pokémon, without removing any stat changes. In other words, if Umbreon uses the move Double Team twice and then uses Batton Pass to switch to Blaziken, your Blaziken’s evasion will be up by two stages.

Umbreon operates best when holding the Leftovers item, since it restores a specific amount of HP every turn. Since Umbreon does not tend to lose much HP, thanks to its being a Wall, the Leftovers might be enough to keep it fully healed in many battles.

In the anime, Gary Oak’s Eevee evolved into a powerful Umbreon at some point during or before the fourth season.

That’s all about this week’s Pokémon – Umbreon. Thank you all for reading, and keep following our blog for more articles and segments!

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