Pokemon of the Week: Umbreon

The “Pokémon of the Week” is one of our blog’s segments. Every week, on Fridays, we are going to choose a Pokémon and present it to you, as far as its characteristics, moveset, and other details are concerned. This week’s Pokémon is going to be Umbreon!


Fire Red & Leaf Green: The Legendary Dogs

In order to honor our current cover image, in our first ever article we are going to talk about the three legendary dogs: Suicune, Raikou and Entei.


Welcome to The Third Gen Pokéblog!

Hello dear readers!

This day marks the creation of our new blog, which is, as you have probably already understood, about Pokémon! But not Pokémon in general, but those that have appeared up to the Third Generation. In other words, the first 386 Pokémon of the Pokédex.